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ترجمه مقاله Role of Doping in Carbon Nanotube Transistors With Source/Drain Underlaps

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ترجمه مقاله Role of Doping in Carbon Nanotube Transistors With Source/Drain Underlaps
Abstract - The effects of doping on the performance of coaxially gated carbon nanotube (CNT) field-effect transistors for both zero Schottky-barrier (SB) and doped carbon nanotube contacts are theoretically investigated. For ultrascaled CNTFETs in which the source/drain metal contacts lie 50 nm apart, there is no MOSFET-like contact CNTFET (C-CNTFET) with an acceptable on/off current ratio using a CNT of diameter >= 1.5 nm and a source/drain voltage >= 0.4 V. For CNTFETs with source/drain metal contacts either 50 nm or 100 nm apart, there is an optimal doping concentration of 1e-3 dopants per atom. The maximum on/off current ratios for the 50 nm CNT/5 nm gate and the 100 nm CNT/10 nm gate SB-CNTFETs are 5e4 and 6e5, respectively. Performance metrics of delay time, cutoff frequency, and LC frequency are presented and compared.

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ترجمه مقاله: Investigation of the cutoff frequency of double linear halo lightly doped drain and source CNTFET

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After discovering the carbon nanotube (CNT) by Aijima, scientific research about this structure are expanded due to its excellent electronic properties. One of the important properties of this structure is quasi-ballistic transport with very high carrier mobility. Using carbon nanotube, two types of field effect transistors have been discussed. The first type is Schottky barrier carbon nanotube field effect transistor (SB-CNTFET) and second type is MOSFET-like CNTFETs (MOSCNTs). The MOSCNT was more favorable because of the high on-off current ratio, but leakage current (IL) of this transistor is very high because of electron band-to-band tunneling (BTBT). In order to deal with this problem, some solutions such as drain and source with a linearly or lightly doped, source and drain extensions and asymmetric oxide thickness, have been proposed. Also, the dual material gate structure and the source and drain parameters effect on the characteristics of CNTFET are investigated. Moreover, the p-type halo implanted deteriorate the cutoff frequency and the switching delay of CNTFET.

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